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   Production and Delivery Program          


                                                                                                      General Laboratory

Asphalt                                                                                         Equipment


Automatic binder extraction system                                              Rotary separator

High capacity binder extraction centrifuge                                          Temperature bath

Exhausting cupboards and laboratory furniture                                    Drying ovens

Solvent recovery unit                                                                        Muffle furnaces

Hot extraction system                                                                      Laboratory mixers

Marshall compaction apparatus                                                         Test sieves

Marshall Compression tester                                                             Electronic precision/analytical

Stainless steel water baths                                                               balances

Hydraulic sample ejector                                                                  Sieve shakers

Mixing and drying equipment                                                             Drill bits and accessories

Bitumen penetrometer                                                                      Vacuum pumps

Penetrometer for mastic asphalt                                                        Thermostats

Ring and Ball Automatic tester                                                      Thermometer

Ductility testing apparatus                                                             Laboratory glass ware etc.    

Fraas breaking point tester

Viscosimeters various types

Asphalt and bitumen testing equipment acc. to various standards


Road core drilling machine (1-axle-trailer) for asphalt and concrete pavements






Light Dynamic probing set acc. to DIN 4094 -  Undisturbed soil sampling - Sand density cones -

Proctor apparatus 100, 150, 250 mm dia.- hand operated and Automatic Proctor apparatuses

CBR test equipment and CBR compression testers - Plate bearing apparatus 100 kN/ 200 kN

in different versions - Consolidation apparatus - Permeameters - Shear test apparatus

Triaxial cells and triaxial compression tester - Sieve shakers for sieves 200, 300, 400 mm dia.

Soil testing equipment acc. to various standards





Slump test sets - Vibrating tables - Concrete mixers - Climatic case for storage of concrete specimen - Concrete Compression and bending apparatus - Cube and cylindrical moulds -

prism moulds - Concrete test hammers - Rebar locators - Adhesion testers

    Conrete and cement testing equipment acc. to various standards



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